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Aligning Money & Values

What does financial success mean to you?

When it comes to managing our personal finances, money can mean something different to each of us. To many, money is a tool to achieve independence, allow children to build a financially-sound future, or achieve a particular end—such as a philanthropic focus. When we intentionally align our money with our personal values, it is often easier to make important financial decisions.

Ask yourself:

How do you define
financial success?

When you talk about it,
what do
 you think about? 

What does it encourage
you to do?

Align your financial decisions with your personal priorities.

Align your financial decisions with your personal priorities.

There is a saying that “time is money,” but in reality, money is time. We often exchange our time working to obtain money, then pay other people for things that we don’t wish to spend our time producing. In many ways, money can be viewed as “stored time.” How we wish to spend our time often dictates how we choose to spend—and save—our money.

When it comes to the management of your financial affairs, we can help you to:

Intentionally align
financial goals and decisions
with your personal values.

Let your investment behavior
& financial habits
reinforce your beliefs.

Surround yourself
with the right people
& resources to succeed.

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