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Financial Stewardship

Are you a good steward of your own finances?

We believe that being a good steward of your money makes you a better planner, decision-maker and investor. Our definition of financial stewardship is the care, conservancy, planning and management of our personal financial resources. Managing our financial lives requires a thoughtful approach and personal assessment of the many factors that come in to play when making important financial decisions.

In our experience, a disciplined approach includes the following actions:

Behavioral Finance

Recognize that science, experiences & emotions influence decisions.

Risk Tolerance

Define investment risk preferences & capacity for portfolio fluctuations.

Investment Design

Balance portfolio risk, investment trade-offs & income needs.

Portfolio Longevity

Take steps to mitigate longevity risk and enhance income planning.

Document Mgmt

Safeguard important documents in your private Aveo electronic vault.

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